Basics For Beginners

Tiger Set - This is a basic dynamic tension exercise set for developing strength. Every muscle in the body is used in performing this set. Coupled with the power breath (described in the classroom) this set tones and strengthens the entire body.

Eighteen Hands of the Lo Han Single Punch Set

The Eighteen Hands of the Lo Han refer to an exercise set introduced into the Shaolin Monastery around 525 AD. We have reference to the name but no idea what kind of excises were practiced in this set. I developed this eighteen strike set to practice power punching from various angles of execution and in commemoration named it the  "Eighteen Hands of the Lo Han. Lo Han means "selected few."

Eighteen Hands of the Lo Han Double Punch Set

This set is part two of the Eighteen Hands of the Lo Han where double punches are executed. The two strikes per count in this nine count set equals eighteen hands once again.

Setten Set One - Point of Contact

Setten Set One, is a training set which exercises the forearm points of contact. Most martial art systems of Kenpo and Karate refer to these arm placements as blocks. Two points I want my students to understand. One, the interpretation of the word Uke was translated by some as a block, as in Age-uke or rising block, but the word uke more accurately means to receive. Second, the point of the reception occurs a  setten or "point of contact to use the Japanese meaning.