Firearms Training

Basic Firearms


If you are planning on purchasing a firearm for your home or obtaining your CCW this means you are taking responsibility to morally and legally defend yourself or a loved one with concern for the safety of innocent bystanders. Please take that responsibility seriously. More Information Here

Dry Fire Practice and Training


Expert firearms instructors agree that dry fire practice is important and significant to gaining skill with a firearm. We have a 7' by 12' virtual screen which allows our clients to practice in a number of settings at stationary or moving targets at all distances and conditions. 

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"Shoot Don't Shoot"


"Shoot Don't Shoot" Judgment Training is essential for safe and responsible firearms self-defense training. It is one thing to be able to hit a target on the firing range and another to use lethal force in a violent criminal self- preservation incident. More Information Here

Live Scenario Training


Several times per year we run our live simulation ammunition training scenarios. Such as carjacking and abduction.

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Live Scenario Training


  There is nothing like learning to make sound judgment calls when one is facing the chance of being shot in an adversarial situation.   

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Live Scenario Training


Only learning to function after running some distance and being out of breath while being challenged in a strategic decision scenario can one understand realistic self-defense.

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OpticalSimunitions Training

Accuracy when the assailant is shooting back at you!

Virtual Firearms Training


Virtual Firearms Training

360X DEFENSE Institute's Virtual Firearms Training is a defensive firearms training so real that your mind will think your there!

Do you ever wonder how you would react with your defensive handgun in a real fight for life criminal assault? 

Do you believe that by passing the state CCW  (Conceal Carry Weapon Permit) or a LTC (Licence To Carry) course that you are prepared to survive a violent criminal attack?

Shooting at paper targets on the range and establishing the basics of handgun control and accuracy is important but if you think you are then prepared to handle an actual situation of violence you are mistaken.

In a Virtual Firearms Training session you will train and you will fight with realistic images in realistic situations which will cause you to make judgement while under stress. Learning to successfully navigate these situations using a firearm in the real world demands more skill than learning to pull the trigger.

Virtual Firearms Training Classes are kept small average so we can train you on your personal needs.

V.F.T. Frequently Asked Questions


May I try out a class?

Yes, Saturday mornings between 9:00 -10:00 am new students may try out a class for free. Please call 

(951) 330-9332 to make an appointment.

Who may train at 360X DEFENSE Academy?

We accept anyone over the age of 21 years of age with current drivers licence and proof of completion of a basic 8 hour firearms safety course. You may try out the class before enrolling.

Where is 360X DEFENSE and V.F.T. located?

537 E. Florida Ave. Hemet, California, 92543

What do I need to bring to train?

Please bring your drivers licence and comfortable cloths. You will need to cover your shoes with protective sox that we provide. No flip flops.

What should I should NOT bring?

Live firearms, ammo, edged weapons, unsupervised children or pets. We also do not allow negative attitudes or anti-social behavior. We use no projectiles other than laser light.

Virtual Firearms Training is the most relevant and realistic Firearms Training available today. Choose from hourly sessions to complete courses such as Home Invasion or enroll in Annual Memberships.

using the latest in virtual reality judgement training branching videos and science of behavioral and tactical personal protection including legal points of view clients are immersed in an intense mental and physical skill development to prepare for the reality of a violent criminal self-defense encounter.

Virtual Reality Training is completely safe with no live ammunition allowed in the facility. We do not sell or keep on hand firearms or ammunition.

 What is C.C.P.T.? 


C.C.P.T. Cover Concealed Positional Training is a  method of introducing the student to expanded training environment. By the use of barricades we can configure any shoot room wall configuration imaginable. This ability to provide walls, windows, doorways and half-walls provides a  realistic environment for higher skill development. Knowing how to use the environment is a critical factor in surviving violence.