360X DEFENSE for adults is a complete and comprehensive program utilizing cutting edge scientific training methods. 360X DEFENSE Method (tm) is a focused contextual system, that is to say, we are focused on "function, not fiction" for self-defense, escape and survival of violent criminal assault. Find Out About Tuition Here

Adults train in the following ways, all in one training environment:

  • T.R.E.S.C. FIT (tm) Tactically Relevant Ergogenic Strength and Conditioning a proprietary strength and conditioning program developed and used exclusively by 360X DEFENSE Systems for Fitnessin strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, stamina, agility, coordination, balance, accuracy, speed, power, reflexes, and nutrition. Be better and feel better than at any point in your life.
  • Nutritional Management - we support a healthy nutritional program commensurate with your physical training and achievement of healthy living we can help you trim and lose weight, but most important teach you to eat healthy helping to ward off the diseases of a modern unhealthy lifestyle
  • Safe and Trusting Environment - all of our members are likable people with diverse interests and backgrounds, our clients/students are family men and women who are kind, helpful and supportive of each other. Many members attend with their whole family.
  • Confrontational Management - learn the strategy of Verbal Jujitsu, learn to deescalate, manage anger, and diffuse potential incidents of violence
  • Metal Acuity and Mental Health - achieve better focus, memory, voice projection, anxiety and stress control
  • Martial Art Tactics of 360X DEFENSE - 360X DEFENSE classes must be experienced to understand. Professor Haslam presents most unusually and dynamically not typical of martial art studios around the world. "What I teach is not taught anywhere else. Therefore, I had to develop training methods equally unique to my system. 360X DEFENSE is the Science of Behavioral and Tactical Self Protection when in danger of violent crime such as rape, disfigurement, disablement or death."
  • Strategy - I call strategy the mathematics of success in conflict. It is the unique strategy of 360X DEFENSE that allows one to "win" - walk away relatively unharmed in a violent encounter. It is a strategy that allows those that are not as strong, not as tall, not of the same gender to conquer the criminal and the assault of violence.
  • Metal Preparation - It is the mental preparation that accounts for one's survival success. Without the mental training, the rest is useless. A.S.S.A.U.L.T. Self-Defense - We train with A.S.S.A.U.L.T., Acute Situation Scenario Attacks Using Learning Templates, developed by Professor Ken Haslam. This modular approach is unique to 360X DEFENSE. All attacks that we learn to defend ourselves come from crime case studies and are real-life examples, not imaginary. We know why a person who was attacked failed, and we know why a person who lived was successful. This knowledge is what I pass on through our unique training methods. A Learning Template explores not only the what, but the what if this or that happens. We explore all the Murphy Moments (when things go wrong) to get a complete skill and avoid psychological voids or failures.
  • R.E.A.L. - Later in your training you will work in a Realistic Experience Acquired Learning environment under progressive intensified conditions of uncooperative stressors. You will also learn to function when you are experiencing adrenalization at the speed of real-world attacks. But first, we will prepare you thoroughly for this level. This level is where stress inoculation, mindful mind fit training, and skills are embedded into unconscious competence.

Why go to a gym to get fit, pay for additional personal coaching, visit a nutritionist for diet considerations, train at a martial art studio for self-defense and take additional survival seminars for family violent crime survival, when you can access everything in one place? Find Out About Tuition Here

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